Business consultancy

We offer business consulting that provides visible results for our clients. We specialize in consulting, business consultancy, trade contract negotiation and enterprise operation optimization. Our team is made up of experts from various fields directly or indirectly related to business.

We work together with a law firm, accountants and professional auditors. Our company can provide effective business consultancy for companies and enterprises. Our experts have gained their knowledge and practical skills through years of working with companies operating on international markets (including China and East Asia, among others). Therefore, we specialise not only in maximizing the potential of companies in Poland, but also abroad.

Due to the fact that our team includes experts from various fields, we provide services to Clients running companies in many industries. By choosing to work with our team, you will be able to take advantage of the most effective management methods. You will learn how to establish business contacts with the best partners. You will learn how to increase sales and successfully conclude all negotiations. Our consulting company offers consultations in our office, at the Client's company or remotely via the Internet. To take advantage of the offer, please contact.

Cooperation with a consulting company

Effective business consultancy must be based on trust. We begin working with our Clients by establishing contact, learning about the Client's company and understanding their issues. For many entrepreneurs, the most difficult task in conducting business is negotiating contacts, outsourcing management or finding ways to optimize company costs.

Our team members have been running their companies for many years and have experience in cooperating with business owners from around the world, which is why we can always recommend effective solutions to our Clients. Our experts can conduct a thorough business audit to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of a business, which in turn allows to prepare a tactic for further company development. We also provide services such as business due diligence. This involves conducting an analysis which allows us to evaluate and verify processes that affect the quality of the company. How do we make your companies increase their income?

Services provided as part of business consultancy

Business audit

Business audit is a professionally conducted business analysis which considers all the most important factors affecting a company's operation. Business due diligence gives our Clients an overview of the objective position of their companies. Conducting such an analysis provides answers to questions regarding the company's issues.

The most important elements of the audit are determining the company's state based on a proprietary scheme, control testing individual company branches, learning about development prospects and the greatest threats. When conducting due diligence, our experts will also pay attention to the company's risks and perspectives. After presenting the information contained in the audit, our experts will suggest specific solutions.

Associating business partners

Cooperation with many entities, including international businesses, has enabled Strategy's team to develop a wide base of entrepreneurs from various fields – which allows us to network our Clients by quickly finding a market for their goods and services.

Optimization of business costs

Cost optimization in an enterprise is one of the key elements of running a business. Our company offers cost audits. We also present opportunities for reducing costs and maximizing the use of available resources. We focus on identifying areas of business operations that require re-planning. The activities that we propose are primarily concerned with increasing the efficiency of each company branch.

Management outsourcing

Our consulting company is not only involved in researching and finding ways to improve the company operations. We also assist in business management. We offer our Clients the opportunity to develop a competitive edge by delegating part of their duties "outside" the company. Management outsourcing is a way to reduce costs and an opportunity to work closely with a group of experts in a narrow field.

Business consultancy is currently a very popular service used by an increasing number of business owners. If you are looking for professional assistance, we encourage you to get in touch with our experts!