Sales brokerage

We offer comprehensive services for companies interested in establishing international business contacts, primarily in Asia. As experts in the field of sales brokerage, we use our long-term experience and knowledge to easily organize the import or export of goods, implementing our Clients' business assumptions. Knowledge of the specifics of Asian markets, ongoing cooperation with a legal counsel firm, and comprehensive services based on clear principles make our company a valuable business partner.

Importantly, our company's services are not exclusively aimed at large enterprises. Smaller companies can also benefit from international trade. Especially considering, that by working with us you can count on establishing good business relationships with reliable contractors. Assistance offered in complying with formalities at every stage of the transaction cycle, and expert advice are also not without significance. That is why we encourage you to contact us at +48 723 606 561 to learn of the opportunities available to you.

Brokerage in the sale of goods

Providing international brokerage services, we focus on understanding the specifics of the industry in which our Clients operate and the business they conduct. We strive to understand their fears, difficulties, ideas and expectations, in order to offer solutions individually tailored to their needs.

On behalf of our Clients, we also analyse the market in terms of launching a specific product. We also follow commercial trends in Europe, Asia and around the world, as well as conduct economic and market analyses. Through market research, we are able to provide consulting on current market conditions related to the import or export of specific goods, and thus reliable information and services at the highest level.

Product launch step by step

Clients using our services are provided comprehensive assistance, which includes full transaction support, from searching and investigating contractors, through negotiations, to obtaining permits, carrying out inspections for both import and export, and handling of transport operations.

Watching over the safety of all commercial transaction elements, we make sure that launching products on the market a simple and efficient process. Thanks to many years of experience, we know how to minimize risk and effectively operate on foreign markets, which is why we have no problems with product launches. We are well versed in the field of export to China and other Asian. That is why we encourage you to contact us at to learn of the opportunities available to you.

Import of goods from Asia

Import from China and other Asian countries has been very popular for many years. Therefore, to meet our Client's expectations, we provide them with the opportunity to establish fruitful cooperation with Asian contractors. We search for and verify suppliers, help analyse their offers, and import product samples.

We also mediate in establishing conditions for the production and purchase of goods. Additionally, we oversee the orders, production, and logistics services. As a result, import from China or other Asian countries, such as Japan, Thailand, Bangladesh or Cambodia, is made much easier.

Brokerage of export and import from China

We network our clients. We support them in business meetings abroad - including Asian countries. As part of our business, we have mediated in the sale of medical supplies, large-scale food and other various types of goods on multiple occasions. We operate efficiently, reliably, and have earned the trust of many Clients, as we always focus on partnership in cooperation.
We know that introducing a product to the Asian market or importing goods from those regions of the world are good ways of achieving success.

It is worth conquering new markets and acquiring new opportunities, especially considering the possibility of getting help of specialized agents. Agents well-versed in formal issues, with many years of experience in international trade, and familiar with the principles of doing business in Asian countries. Working with us, you can be sure that we will thoroughly analyse the situation, suggest optimal solutions, prepare a strategy, and provide support at every stage of the transaction on the best possible terms. We encourage you to contact us to learn of the opportunities available to you.

Representative offices of foreign businesses

As part of supporting our foreign Clients, we provide services which involve establishing representative offices, in which we:

- support Clients in formalities related to exporting goods to the Polish market;
- represent Clients in contacts with authorities in connection to importing goods;
- establish lasting business relationships with potential recipients of the Client's products and support the Client in finalizing the transaction – we prepare the necessary translations, participate in meetings and negotiations;
- create the Client's desired image on the Polish market;
- conduct ongoing market analyses in terms of prices and a potential outlet for the Client's products;
- provide other office services described in detail in the "Office with secretarial service" tab.