Management and supervisory services

Our company offers a wide range of services in the field of management, consulting, implementation of solutions as well as supervision and control of an entity's activity.

We specialize in providing managerial services (management board members, supervisory board members). We ensure participation in the management bodies of all organizational units. Our specialists will effectively manage the enterprises, as well as take up issues related to human resource management in the organization.

The offer also includes consulting services. Our team specializes in many areas of business. We offer advice in the field of law, taxes, finances and broadly understood business. Thanks to a detailed market situation analysis and knowledge of the current legal system, we provide ongoing support during transactions and disputes with other business entities. Additionally, we offer professional advice on raising funds for the company expansion and development. Further, our specialists will conduct a detailed analysis and assessment of contractors, which will significantly minimize the risk of failures when working with unknown entities.

Solution implementation
We also offer services related to project planning and implementation. Our professionals will create a detailed organization functioning strategy. Afterward, they will help in its implementation, while checking compliance of the results with initial assumptions. As part of our activities, we also offer negotiations with contractors and financial institutions.

Supervision and control of the entity's activities
As part of our services, we also offer participation in supervisory bodies (i.e. Supervisory Boards, Review Committees, Foundation Boards) of all organizational units. Our team members are authorized to sit on the supervisory boards of entities with the participation of the State Treasury. Our specialists will handle all activities related to examining the processes which occur within an organization. They will ensure appropriate relations with contractors. We also offer control and supervision over the solutions we recommend – from the commencement of cooperation up to project finalization. Telephone: +48 723 606 561

Benefits provided

We base our activity on many years of in-depth market analysis. Extensive experience and cooperation with entities from various industries allow us to help establish direct business relationships between our Clients.

The quality and effectiveness of services provided by our specialists are evidenced by the results and successes of companies that decided to partner with us. Our specialists ensure the highest quality of services due to extensive knowledge and long-term experience.

We meet all the legal requirements to participate in management and supervisory bodies in State Treasury-owned companies.