Office with secretarial service

Renting an office in Gdańsk, in the heart of Wrzeszcz, will add momentum to your service activities and increase potential customer awareness. Clear settlement principles and constant cooperation with the legal counsel firm ensure a perfect start or new stage of the company's activity in a new location.

Virtual office in Gdańsk? More and more companies are taking this step

If the type of service requires only an active attitude and uninterrupted internet access, we offer our clients a virtual office in Gdańsk with full secretarial support. You can easily liberate yourself from most of the tasks related to running a business. With just one decision you can get:

  • legal counsel firm support regarding company registration;
  • a correspondence address and registered office;
  • secretarial services to the extent that you deem appropriate;
  • an office in a big city with access to numerous potential customers;
  • if necessary – meetings with customers in a business space;
  • the possibility of using an exclusively finished conference room;
  • a good impression made on future contractors.

Using virtual office services reduces the costs of organizing work. Therefore, companies using our consultancy or legal services can open their headquarters in new local markets without much effort. We offer transparent contract terms in regards to services of your choice – from renting office rooms to virtual secretarial services. We will answer every question by phone at +48 723 606 561 or via the contact form on our website.

Office for rent in Gdansk – from anywhere in the Tri-City to the centre of Wrzeszcz

By renting a commercial premise in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz you get an excellent representative point including correspondence and complaints handling, and other forms of contact with the customer. When there is a need to organize a business meeting, the prestigious location at ul. Staszica 6/6 (80-262 Gdańsk), in the very centre of vibrant Wrzeszcz will certainly have a positive impact on your company's image.

Office for rent – a quiet street by the most important avenue

An office in an original style including furniture, stucco, tiled stoves from the time the tenement was built - i.e. the early 20th century, located in a cosy street just next to Aleja Grunwaldzka – the main thoroughfare of the Tri-City. Staszica Street runs along it, which is why the central location does not clash with the distance from bustling traffic.

The perfectly maintained business tenement perfectly matches the city's atmosphere and at the same time guarantees full functionality of the new headquarters. Your new office in Gdańsk is a representative place with a great location.

Commercial premises in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz with convenient communication

Tram lines with a stop less than 150 meters from your new headquarters. The office for rent in Gdańsk is a mere 500 meters away from the railway station in Wrzeszcz. This allows direct access not only to the entire Tri-City metropolitan area (via the SKM – Fast City Rail), but also to virtually anywhere else in Poland, thanks to the well-developed railway infrastructure.

From there, a direct line (PKM – Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway) will take you to the airport terminal in approx. 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a two-lane street directly to the airport. It is difficult to find better connected location in the Tri-City area – we encourage you to read the details of our offer.